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Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2007

This assignment will be your first class collaborative effort. You may start editing today (Tuesday) and the assignment is due Friday with everyone's input. Each of you will add five sentences to the storyline using one vocab word from Lesson 2. Obviously, the first person to his/her block's page will start off the story. I am looking for a good opening and topic sentence. The last person to add content should wrap up the story nicely. In a wiki, the paragraphs are flush (no indents) and so you will need to add a space ( hit return key) after the person before you to add your content. Stay as true to the storyline as possible. I encourage you to go back and edit YOUR OWN PORTION ONLY checking for misspelled words and correct punctuation. You can always write something better. We will learn that there are many ways to say the same thing. This requires critical reading on your part in two ways. You will have to pick out which vocab words were already used, and you'll have to follow the story when adding your part. Make sure you use the vocab word in the correct context. There is no need to add your name, this should look like a normal essay when completed. I can see who has edited by viewing the history tab.

The fifteen vocab words are: astute, authentic, delicacy, derogatory, devour, figment, mythical, plumage, predatory, prior, scavenge, slaughter, solitude, ungainly and vulnerable.

Block A: Each student uses one word
Block C: One student uses two words
Block D: Two students may repeat two words
Block E: One student uses two words
Block G: Four students use two words

Have fun!

Sept. 10, 2007

I need your input for the first wiki assignment. This will be an experiment to see how we use it the first time. There might be some times during the school year when I would like to show some videos. What movies would you like me to show? The movies must be G or PG rated, and I would prefer them to be book related. You may offer some comments on a movie too. Please add your movie recommendations on your block's page.