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Sept. 18, 2007
Searching, searching for her gun! She's looking through her drawers,her closet, but nowhere to be found. Prior to this event Helga (woman searching for her gun) found a man lurking around her house. Unfortunately the first time Helga saw this man she thought he was a figment of her imagination because she hadn't eaten or drank anything in the last 48 hours. Thankfully Helga figuered out that the man was not her imagination but a real man watching her!

The man, named Bruce came from jail. He was in jail, because he slaughtered little bunny from the forest. Helga knew the man, because she saw the face couple of days ago in the newspaper. "Oh, there you are, my little... Where you have put my gun?" Helga said to her son, who was 27 years old.

Brian, the son, quickly walked out of the room. Helga went back to scavenging for her gun. Bruce ran into the room holding a bird's plumage, " Put your hands and toes where I can see them!," he ordered. Helga put her hands up and sat in a chair. Bruce tapped her legs, and tied her to the chair. She had no idea what was in store for her. Bruce quickly pulled out the gun and...

Brian called the police after he tapped her feet. The police came and arrested Bruce.He fought the police till they finaly got the handcuffs around his wrists.It took the police a half a hour to get Bruce out of the house.Bruce quickly said a derogatory remark to Brian and Helga as the police escorted him out of the house.

Brian and Helga then took in a moment to witness what had happened. Then Helga asked her son what he did with the gun. Brian, frightened and scared, ran away to a deserted area for solitude. He then stayed there for hours considering his plans. Then he left for a restaurant and devoured the food placed before him.

He thanked the server and left a tip. He had some potatoes, a delicacy in his family. He was so afraid to tell his mother about the gun. Although he didn't want her to think he was planning something bad. He didn't know what to do, he went over his plans of use for the gun.

When Brian tried to take out the authentic plans of use for the gun he felt nothing in his pocket. Quickly, he chekced his other pocket and back pockets. After checking about another five hundred times he discovered a hole in his pocket! Brian started panicking and checked everywhere for the plans. It was hopeless, Brian had lost the plans.

Back in the restaurant, Tom, Bruce's accomplis had found a small bit of yellowed paper. It was the plans! Now Tom was not a very astute man and because of this he started yelling to everyone in the room "I've found them I've found them go me go me." At that instant everyone in the entire diner jumped at Tom. Then Tom new how vulnerable he really was. An undercover cop hit him from behind, so the bartender started throwing bottles of whiskey, wine, beer. You name it he threw it. It was obvious no one would get out alive. Blood was everywhere; dead people were everywhere. It was pure chaotic mayhem.

Once everything had cleared up there was only four people left, and Tom was one of them. He started quietly walking through the door when Larry, a person who was alive, went toward him and shot him in the temple. Nobody knew that Larry had the yellow plans in his shirt pocket covered with blood. He walked outside with a smirk on his face. We went to 3856 34th St. E and walked up five flights of stairs. When he got to a pitch black door with a caution sign on it he knocked very gently. It crept open inch by inch and Larry droped his jaw at the ten foot tall giant at the door. Larry gulped and said, "Hello, I found this piece of paper on the floor and it said to come here." The giant, named Lenette, opened the door and said, "Welcome to the club." When she turned on a light he saw tons of mythical creatures sitting around one table. They had a plan in front of them, but he couldn't make out the words, except for one, which read, "REVENGE!"

When Lenette led Larry into the room, he found Lenette was very ungainly and kept on falling and tripping. Not to mention the many things she broke walking to the table. When Larry read the plans that read, "REVENGE!" he gasped at the mental picture in his head. It involved spells, potions, and murder. He slowly back away when Lenette gave hime googly eyes and asked, "Where are you going Pooky Pie?" It was all coming together and Larry didn't like the way his future looked.

Larry didn't know what to do.He paniced.Then he desided he needed to something.He turned around and on the wall over a fire place was a Chinese sword in a glass case.Larry grabbed the case then smashed it on the ground,picked up the sword, and tryed to slaughter all of the creatures. Lentte who seemed to be madly inlove with Larry choose to help Larry insead of being killed. This was not an astute thing to do and Larry knew it. He just didnt know what was going to be.

Everybody and every creature ended up dying in the end. Nobody believed it could have happened, but it did. It was authenticated because people found skeletons of all the "things" that died. They found out that the "things" that died were very vulnerable. It must have been such a terrible misfortune to all of these "things."

Sept. 10, 2007

I would like to see The Bridge to Terabithia- Eric

Yeah, it worked. Eventhough I have already seen it, I think I would like to see Holes. - Lainey <3

*Even thought it's sad I would like to see The Bridge to Terabithia too. 9/7
*Oh my gosh! I just thought of this, wouldn't it be so much fun to see Cinderella or The Little Mermaid or just like the disney classics?!?! 9/9
*I agree with Shannon I want to see A Little Princess (mostly because it's the book I'm reading)!!! 9/10
*By the way, I absolutely will NOT watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets because it has the giant arachnid. 9/10
*Since Chas said that he wants to see Charlotte's Web I wanted to point out that I watched that movie alomst the whole time without being disgusted by the close ups of Charlotte. (I loved the ending with the little baby aracnids though mostly cause they sounded cute and I like their names!) 9/11
~$~ C ~$~

I also thought we could see Hoot and Harry Potter. - Eric

Hoot would be nice, although we already saw it in fifth grade. I would also like to see Willy Wonka, I love that movie! - Sophia

I think we could see Harry Potter - Patrick

I would like to see movie named Holes too, because the book is awesome! ~Aleksi~

I really don't know which movie I'd like to see, but the ones that are already put up are good choices. - Elliot

I'm the same as Elliot, I really don't have any ideas for the movie days but i think all the movies alrady up are good. - Preston

I would want to see Charlie and the Choclate Factory or The Little Princess. - Shannon

I would like to see The Miracle Worker and The little Princess.-Brooke

I would like to see ether Charlotte's Web or It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, but It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World would be my favorite even though it is very long. I could bring it in if you want. Chas

I would also like to see Because of Winn-Dixie and How to Eat Fried Worms.- Eric

I would like to see any of the Harry Potter movies except the Chamber of Secrets because I just saw it today.- *Patrick