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Sept. 18, 2007

Once, a long time ago in 1622, there was a huge and awesome mansion with a pool, movie room, bowling alley, computer the size of a tv, game room, spa, built in mall, and a nail salon. The people that lived in there loved where they lived. The people that lived there had a problem. They walked so ungainly that they kept on breaking everything and they couldn't buy a lot of food. They had to get somebody to help them. They found a man and called him on there 1000 shilling phone and got him to come to there house. That 1000 shilling phone is made of pure gold.

The next time someone offered them food they took it. Some peasent on the side of the road gave them a chicken. The fat people noticed something different about the chicken, but they were so hungry they took it anyway. After they had eaten it one of them figured out what the problem was with the chicken, its plumage was completely different then one they had ever seen before. They stopped and asked a guy what was wrong with the chicken and he said...have a feast with steak, caviar, and all this other pricy food. They even have a huge kitchen with eight chefs. They can only eat the expensive food so all they devour is what they have at home. Eating all of these delicacies and having servants to wait on them hand and foot, and never having to lift a finger to do anything, not even changing the channel on their 22 foot HD plasma screen TV, had a very large cost. The whole Russian family was immensely fat and bloated. Eventually all of their solid gold beds broke, because gold is not very strong. They had to get their servants to cut larger doors because they could not get through them. Their servants were beginning to make derogatory remarks about them, and the Vzakar-shindigs, for that was their name, could not catch them because their great amounts of fat were weighing them down. One day while in the kitchen one chef had halted his making of fillet minon and started sobbing. The other chefs came to comfort him but he shunned them all away. The owners of the mansion were becoming iritated because their normal dinner of delicacies had not yet been served. Finally one of the owners, which was an older elderly woman, got her nerve up and marched right into the kitchen. She demanded the crying chef to tell he why he had stopped preparing the buffet. After many tries to get through to him he finally turned around and told her... ...that his mom had died prior to that day and that he was just reminded of her when he started cooking because she used to cook. He was also heartbroken because he didn't have enough money for his mom's funeral. On top of that, all of his five pets died. With this, the elderly women pondered for a moment and then decided to give the chef a raise so that he could pay for his mom's funeral. After that he was so happy that he even made the best fillet minon of his life. After making the best filet minion in the world, the family decided to give the chef an even bigger raise. This angered the other chefs who were all jealous of his fine cuisine. They wanted to get back at him and make him feel bad. So they decided to not talk to him anymore or even take a glance at him which made this sad chef tumble into a world of solitude . The father saw the tension between the rich chef and his other jealous chefs, became tired of all their continuous complaints, and fired every single one of them leaving the family with no cooks. This left the owners with no choice but to start preparing all of the food themselves. Since they had so much money, they did not go to the grocery store to get food, but had slaves to grow the food and raise the animals for them. There were no grocery stores back then anyways. The cooks were the ones that slaughtered the animals, and the cooks also made the grain into flour for bread. They began to starve and were forced to scavenge through their gold trash bins for bits of uneaten food. Since they did not ever share their money with anyone else, no one wanted to help them by giving or selling them food. Without food they became very vulnerable to disease. While scavenging for food they came upon a solid gold ferrari enzo. Still no one would offer them food so one of them died from starvation. After spending half of their massive fortune on 100 dozen pizzas they became very obeaste after devouring them all in one massive bite. They luckily had a pool filled with rootbeer to work off all of the extra pounds. Then the starving time started again.

The man that was sent to my family came into the door abruptly. It was a trek to get to him and I, Richard, the only child, obliterated my father’s authentic English grandfather clock. My family was shocked. We would have observed this significant loss longer, however, there was a mysterious man in the house. My mother and my father came to greet him, and I came shortly after. The man went by the name of Robert Whitney. The man was pale in complexion, but had rather beautiful, hazel eyes. There was an atypical moment of silence. My family all took curt glances at him, and then my father broke the silence.
"Come in!" My father proclaimed politely.

Robert was a "special" man. At the dinner table he told my family his life story. His father was a predatory cannibal while his memory was blurred of what his mom was. His parents had a fourtune but he became the world champ of being fake homless man earning a total average of 30 dollars and a rolex a day (which he probably took, hint hint). His main hobby was reading the cartoons in the paper which he didn't know were upsidedown. He raduated the school at the I'm too "special" for school academy.

What he told us the most was about his childhood. He gave us every single detail of every age. All I remember was when he was six he got beat up because he kept telling people they would turn into mythical creatures. I was about to start laughing but my mom pinched me to tell me to hush up. Robert really needs to get some friends and stop being so vein. But unfortunutly that will probabley never happen.

Another story he told was about how one day a chicken tried to bite his eyes becuase they were so beautiful, so he slaughterd it, and ate it for dinner that night. My family and I started cracking up with amuzment. From the time Robert left we lived a great life with no harm in are way. I thaught it would have to be mythical for something that good to happin.

Sept. 10, 2007

I would like to see the Incredible because I like the unique powers of each characters. Cody T

I will want to see Harry Potter 1. Alex

I would like to see A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Jacob

I would like to see Eragon. Jack S.

I would like to see Ghost Rider. It was actually a comic book, but that still counts, right? Jerome

I'm going with Jack on this one I too would like to see Eragon. Parker

All of them are good ideas but is ghost rider pg-13? I think we sould also watch ... i have to go ill finish later. Matt B.

Yeah Matt ghost rider is PG-13 and I think we should see Bridge to Terabithia because I don't think I saw that one... Bak

I wouldn't mind seeing any of the first three Harry Potter movies. Nick

I also wouldn't mind watching any of the Harry Potter movies, but I think that they are all PG-13; but I also think that Eragon would be a good movie to see. Alex D.

Actually Alex, Harry Potter 1 2 and 3 are all PG
-Bak ;^)

Thanks Bak, I've never seen Eragon, Bridge to Terabithia, and A Series of Unfortunate Events, so I have no opinion on those three. Also Cheaper by the Dozen 1 or 2 would be good. Of course Harry Potter 1, 2, 3 would be great also. Alex S.

I would like to see Harry Potter 3 or I would also like to see Eragon. JJ
I would like to see the Harry Potter movies and Chroniclas of Narnia. Kaiya

I would love to see Holes. Also maybe Bridge to Terabithia. Marc

I would like to see Holes. Sarah L.

I would also like to see Holes. Alex S.