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Sept. 18, 2007

Once upon a time, there was a vulnerable zebra. This zebra's name was Calvin. He was born with three legs which made it hard for him to run away from predators. Calvin was a very nice zebra and everyone wanted to be his friend and protect him. Calvin was happy with his friends, but he couldn't stop feeling different from the other zebras. He wished every night to grow another leg.

So, one day he went to the most astute zebra in the pack. Calvin told the zebra of his worries. The zebra told Calvin that it doesn't matter what's on the outside, it's on the inside that counts. Calvin felt much better after the wise advice from the head zebra and felt encouraged, so he decided to throw a zebra party. He wanted to invite all the pack so that no one felt left out.

The party was great! All the zebras came and had a fun time. There was music, games, and so much more. However, when Calvin got up to dance he was very ungainly and knocked over all the zebras, tore down the banners, popped the balloons, and landed face-first in the bowl of punch. Everyone, including his friends, laughed at poor Calvin. He felt so embarrassed that he ran, actually it was more like a totter, away from his own party.

As he was running he got more and more tired and thought he would have to stop soon for sure. Then somehow he stopped getting tired. He wasn't running any more, he was flying! He was special after all. He felt like a bird. He wished he had a beautiful plumage of feathers to show off. Unfortunately he was still just a zebra. But a zebra with super powers. Now he had to go save the town as SUPER ZEBRA!

After he found out he had super powers he was so amazed. He thought for sure he was just going crazy, except when he looked done at his arms and he saw mythical angel wings, but he really was positive that he had authentic angel wings. From there on he was flying around, like anyone who has never been flying around before. But then he came about another animal who was flying just like he was but it only had one leg! It was a bunny rabbit with only one leg!

He wasn't used to such company because he usually was in complete solitude. But the zebra liked his company and the fact that he wasn't the only one missing a body part. He was getting kind of hungry now so he asked his new rabbit friend to go help him hunt for food. They kept on searching and searching but couldn't find anything! The rabbit suggested that they should fly to another area.

Still he thought that the bunny was a figment. He started to hit the bunny to see if it was real, and it was. Before Calvin was scared of the bunny, but now Calvin had a very nice chat with the bunny, and Calvin thought he could tell everything (really everything from what type of cheese he likes to how he got the biggest stripe on his skin) to the bunny because they both were disabled. This was a mistake. The bunny was a spy from the evil hyenas that Calvin and his other zebras fear.

When Calvin found out the bunny was a spy he felt as if he was being devoured. Before the zebra could fly away the bunny poured a sleeping potion all over Calvin. He fell into a deep sleep. When he woke up he was trapped in the hyena's cave. Calvin was all tied up so he couldn't escape.

Desperately, Calvin searched The evil hyenas and the horrible bunny considered poor Calvin a delicacy. Calvin was helpless and terrified! To make it even worse the hyenas and bunny had Calvin hypnotized and hung over a pit of fire. The bunny and hyenas were getting ready to feast on Calvin. Suddenly there was little hope for a knot of some kind in the rope. He didn't find anything. He looked up after several minutes, and saw as six hyenas approached him. Almost as if leading the small group, the handicapped bunny was hopping awkwardly toward him. Red eyes replaced his green ones, and small fangs approached Calvin when the wise zebra from his small mouth. "I am a general for these savage creatures," he said. "Yeah, I see that," said Calvin. Another sixteen hyenas came out of the shadows, and with a blast of his eyes, which he didn't know he had, rocks came tumbling down on five hyenas. He flexed his three leg muscles, breaking the rope. Then, he flew as fast as a hawk out of the cave opening. As quick as a cheetah, the bunny flew after him. As the bunny went flying down the field, in hot pursuit of Calvin, he yelled out to his followers, "After the village!" The hyenas snarled one large snarl, then raced as fast as it could after the flying animals. One thought ran pack busted through Calvin's mind. I have to get to the village and protect it. If I don't, the biggest slaughter of animal kind will take place. the door!
The evil hyenas and the horrible bunny considered poor Calvin a delicacy. Calvin was helpless and terrified! To make it even worse the hyenas and bunny had Calvin hypnotized and hung over a pit of fire. The bunny and hyenas were getting ready to feast on Calvin. Suddenly there was little hope for Calvin when the wise zebra from his pack busted through the door!

The hyenas kept making derogatory comments about Calvin and the astute zebra decided to help him. He quickly fought the evil hyenas and untied Calvin. Then the two zebras went trotting out and went back to Calvin's party. After they got there all of Calvin's friends apologised and promised to never make fun of him again. Calvin told them about his ability to fly and asked what his pack of zebra friends thought.

At first, the zebras were laughing at Calvin. They thought that he had gone completely mental. He couldn't blame them, though. How many three-legged flying zebras do see in a lifetime? So Calvin decided to show them. He sprang into the air and soared in the sky. He could have passed for a striped unicorn if he wanted to. But after five minutes of twists and turns in the air, he decided to leave this solitude and go look at the shock on the other zebras faces. They were amazed.

"Oh my gosh Calvin, you're amazing!"
"Will you come and get some punch with me, buddy?"
Calvin realized that he was actually getting some prior attention then what he would of gotten growing another leg. So he decided to make some use out of it. He took off and started flying above the trees. Flips and turns, flips and turns, all of he's zebra friends had dropped chin expressions on their fuzzy, little faces. The wise zebra came up to Calvin after his tricks in the air and gave him a big grin on his face.

Suddenly, the evil lion, Mike. Leaped out in front of one of Calvin's new friends and slaughtered them. Calvin broke out into tears. Once Mike realized that Calvin was crying, he walked up to him and said "stop crying and start acting like a man." Calvin was infuriated by Mike and jumped out to bite him. Mike dodged Calvin and ran away scared. Calvin was filled with joy and was shaking from defeating Mike.

After Calvin had defeated mike he felt very solitude so he decided to go back and hang with his friends. When he was walking back he came across an animal that looked like he was just slaughtered it was Mike the lion and he had friends. He was with the hyenas and a hippo. They all looked beat up and hurt. Calvin was beat up to and the animals were coming Calvin's way to beat him up. Calvin wasn't ready to fight he was very tired and was ungainly.

But then Calvin thought to himself, "These are just predators that think that they can hurt and mess with me. I have to be strong or else I will be slaughtered, and my poor body will be scavenged upon." Calvin knew what he had to do- he had to fly. He flew up high and Mike said, "I think we are all going crazy, that was just a mythical creature, and it wasn't even here. Or was it?"

Calvin knew that this was not a figment of his imagination. He waived down to Mike and said "Ha, look who's a man now!" He then flew back to his home and devoured his dinner. After having his dinner he settled down under a shady tree and started to look back at all the things that happened that day. At the start of the day he was a zebra that was feeling sorry for himself for having three legs. But, by the end he was an amazing, flying zebra. He no longer had to put up with predators and had an much easier time fitting in with his friends. Now his life had changed forever.

Sept. 10, 2007

I would like to see holes or national treasure

Charlie D

I would like to see Miracle or National Treasure. sps-jeremy

It's a tie between Holes or Cronicals of Narnia. (sorry about spelling)
<3 Jaque

I would love to see Brige to Terabithia. It is such a great fantasy movie with lots of imagination.
I would like to see The Chronicals of Narnia, too.

I think we should watch The Chronicals of Narnia.
Sam :D

I would like to see Narnia too. It is one of my favorite movies.

I would really like to see The Bridge To Terabithia, Matilda, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Tuck Everlasting,and Chronicals of Narnia.
Molly W =]

I would love to see The Bridge to Terabithia, Willy Wonka and the Chocalate Factory (the new version), Tuck Everlasting, and Matilda.

I would like to see Finding Nemo or The Chronicals of Narnia. Garrett ;)

I say Holes
- Noah

I would want to see Bridge to Teribethia because I've never seen it and The Last Mimzy because I haven't seen that one either!
I agree with Molly W. on Tuck Everlasting and Willy Wonka. They both are such great movies and are classics.
~Savannah :]

I would like to see Shrek or Finding Nemo. Those are both really good movies.

Like Liz, I would also enjoy watching Bridge to Taribithia. I remember watching Tuck Everlasting in 4th grade, and I would like to watch that as well.

I would love to see any of the Shrek series or Finding Nemo which is the greatest movie ever!
- Alex H

Along with Courtney and Liz, I would love to see Bridge to Terabithia, I have never seen the movie but it sounds really good. Along with Savannah and Molly, I would also like to see Tuck Everlasting and Willy Wonka.
-Nicole :)

The movie I think we should watch is Bridge to Terabithia because I just saw it this weekend and I loved it but I don't know if it is a book or not and I would also like to watch Tuck Everlasting.