Welcome to 7 English Block C

Sept. 18, 2007

Once upon a time there was an old man who lived on a hill above the town . He was very astute and wise. He always helped vulnerable, sick, and helpless people. One day, a little girl came to the door of his little house on his hill and was really sick but he couldn't help her. He felt so bad for her he tried a lot of things to help her. He tried to sooth her with chocolate milk. That didn't work. Then he tried to make her feel good by buying her a stuffed animal. That didn't work. He scavenged everywhere to try and find her something to stop making her cry!

One day the old man decided to try something new to help this little girl. He went out to the town and bought some chocolate cake. The cake was considered to be a delicacy in the town. It cost the old man a fortune, but he knew that a child's life is the most important of all. The old man brought the cake up the hill and to the little girl. The helpless child ate it up quickly, wimpering between bites. The old man waited with eagerness. When the little girl was done with the cake she was still crying. The old man walked out of her bed chamber and sighed. Would he ever help this girl?

Well, the old man decided to try something different to stop this little girl from crying any longer. He went up to the girl and told her that he would tell her an old mythical tale about knights, castles, and dragons. The little girl didn't stop crying, but she wanted to hear this old mythical tale. After the old man was done telling this story about dragons and knights, she said that cheered her up a little bit. She was still very sad and crying, just not as much as before. She asked for another tale, but the old man didn't have any more tales about castles and dragons. He asked himself what he would ever do to help this girl.

Then he had a wonderful idea. He could search the town for a story teller! If one story helped, then many might make her stop. He searched for hours the following day but could not find one. The best he could do was find some people who knew one or two stories of dragons, knights, and castles. Still hopeful, he brought them to the girl. But alas the only story they knew was the prior story he had told the girl. With no more ideas, he told the girl she just needed to try to be happy.

The girl wouldn't try to be happy so he started searching for another story teller with a different story. Finally after searching for a very long time the old man found a very special story teller. The old man just knew that the story teller could tell the little girl a story that would cheer her up. The teller went up the hill to the house where the girl was. When he got there he told the girl the mythical story and she really devoured it. She liked it so much that she stopped crying for a couple of seconds but then she started right back crying again. The old, wise man was sure that the story would work.

Some time passed when he was thinking what to do about this sad girl. After thinking for a while he said to himself maybe she can figure out that the stories were not real and a figment of the tellers mind. He was very confused. So, the little girl cried and cried! It seemed like nothing could stop her. It seem hopeless, he was out of ideas! The old man had to think of something else to stop her from crying. But what? There had to be a way to stop her!

Finally one day the wise old man had thought of something! He decided to tell her another story. Not a story about knights, dragons, and castles, but of a ungainly old man that tripped and fell over everything. While in the story the little girl laughed and laughed. The wise old man thought that she had stopped crying but she did not. The wise old man was very angry about this, but he did not want to show his emotions to the little girl in fear that she would cry even more.

So the man put her to bed that night thinking of what to do. The next morning, before the little girl woke up, he read the newspaper. He saw an ad for the circus. "That's it!" he said, " I will take her to the circus!" So the man took the little girl to the circus the next day. They saw the elephants, horses, and clowns. They had a blast! Then when they were leaving, the man saw another little girl in solitude on the sidewalk. He decided to take her in too. They all went home together feeling a little better.

The old man then asked her what she liked and she said she liked rainbow monkeys. Then the old man went to target and saw a similar rainbow monkey that was on sale; so he bought that one. Then when he gave it to her she quickly realized that it was a fake. When she found this out she called the old man derogatory remarks. The old man was infuriated and when back to target and bought a real one. He brought it back to her and made her so happy she hugged it and hugged it until it burst. Then came the water works.

Again and again this girl was so upset with this man that she almost forgot about her own problem. The old man almost gave up when he thought about buying her a really cute pen and a journal to write down all of her feelings. When he showed her what he bought the little girl, she devoured it with her beautiful brown eyes. She wrote down everything that came to mind and the old man even got her to write down why she even came to him in the first place. He was so excited to see her feeling the tiniest better that he opened up her journal. Her journal read...

Sept. 10, 2007

I think we should see Stormbreaker or the first Harry Potter sometime this year.
I like the book stormbreaker but I don't like the movie because it's nothing compared to the book.(I hope I'm not being too mean)
-Zack F
I would really like to see the movie National Treasure (eventhough I have already seen it) sometime this year.
-Jackson M
I think we should watch Bridge to Terabitha because it is really good for some reason I really like it.
I think that we should watch Nighmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. A lot of people don't know this, but it is acually a book. It would be fun to watch it near Halloween or Christmas. It is funny and entertaining. It would be fun to also see Bridge to Terabithia.
- Sarah. F
I think that we should watch a awsome movie like the Nightmare before Christmas. We could also bring in some of the classics like The Little Mermaid or Cinderella
Ali F.

I think we should see the movie Holes this year. I t is a great book and movie.
Austin R.
This year I think we should definitely watch Finding Nemo! But I really don't want to watch Holes!
I think we should see lemony snickets, a series of unfourtunate events. Josh
I think we should watch the Series of Unfourtunate Events like Josh said.
-Alex G.
Sometime this year I would like to watch Holes.
-Jake K
I agree with Josh because people said it was a good movie and I have not seen it. So I would like to see Series of Unfourtunate Events.
There are a lot of good movies to watch, but if I had to choose I think that Holes and Finding Nemo sound good.
- Molly
I agree Sarah and Ali I would love to see Nightmare Before Christmas! And the things that other people said would be cool too!
- Shannon O.