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Sept. 18, 2007

Once upon a time lived a young girl named Loosie. She loved to be at her grandmother's and look at her old stuff. Her grandmother said not to touch her stuff because it all had a great delicacy to her. She had one day brought her pet dog called David to her grandmother's house. It was a hot summer day and she wanted to give him a bath. Her grandmother is a very astute person so when she saw David refuse to go take a bath she had to make sure the dog didn't escape by kicking and crying. So Loosie went to get a cloth and bubble bath. After she came back David had gone into her grandmother's room and ate and tore up all of her grandmother's authentic jewelry. Then Loosie spazzed out on David. So she got really mad and made him sit in the blazzing hot garage. So, two hours later she went to check on David and found him dead.

At first Loosie didn't know what to do. She was confused because she had so many emotions flowing through her 7 year old brain. Crying and screaming, kicking and panting, Loosie noticed something unusual on David's body. There was some kind of animal bite on the dogs throat! Something she had never seen before. It couldn't have been a mosquito, it was much too large to be any kind of insect. It looked more like an animal, she couldn't think of anything. It looked like a mythical
animals' teeth.

Loosie decided that she would hire a detective to try to figure out what killed her poor dog David. The detective scavenged the garage for any evidence that could tell him what happened or better yet the animal that killed the dog. He looked and looked all over but could not find anything except for a little piece of unusual hair and a dingy old rock. The detective told Loosie that he probably could not do much with what he found. Little did he know that that rock was a passage way to another world.

Loosie looked around the dog and the rock. She leaned on the rock and suddenly fell through a big gap in the rock. She fell for five minutes, and she had no idea what was happening. Finally she got to the bottom. The magical land looked like a figment of a child's imagination.

The land was filled with green hills and bright blue skies. There were green trees all around her with colorful foliage. And there, standing in the center of the area, was the animal that bit David. It was a tall bird, with blue plumage and an orange beak. The small teeth lining the sinister beak matched the teeth marks on David's body!

Loosie pondered and thought how this strange, colorful bird could of bit and killed her dog. She never thought of him as vulnerable. She thought that he was a fast but it could of been the heat that started to slow him down. The bird probably found him laying there as it was trying to catch something else. Loosie thought the bird tasted him to see how he was then left to go to the last animal it saw. She wasn't really sure if that's what killed him though it is still a mystery.

After Loosie had seen the bird she felt hatred toward this odd looking creature, but she didn't attack it. She was cautious because he might have been PREDATORY. As they stared at each other through the strange orange haze of this new world the bird didn't know what to think. It instinctively ran away to where it lived. Loosie was not going to let her chance at revenge, or at least a way back home, get away from her so she chased after him as quick as she could.

Loosie was sprinting faster than light. As she thought in her head " When I catch up I'm going to devour this bird '' therefore she ran faster. The bird was still in sight as she ran but it was just too fast. Eventually the bird was gone but there were bird prints in the dirt. Loosie then became extremely exhausted So she called a cab. Once arrived she stuck her head out the window and followed the trail.

She sat in the cab and wondered if this was just a dream, but then she some how remembered that she had seen this happen before. She saw it in a prior television show. The Adventures of Detective Moose, it was called. Then she thought about it and in the show it said that the bird couldn't fly but it could run very fast. Then she started to think of a plan to catch the bird!

She thought if she had a 50 caliber sniper rifle it would be a piece of cake, she found an authentic 50 caliber sniper rifle from the military on the ground and started tracking the bird down. When she finally reached the bird tracks she saw the bird in his nest and set up the sniper, she was locked and loaded. Finally she had the bird in sight, pulled the trigger, and BOOM, the bird fell to the ground. She walked over to find the bird dead, she laughed like a crazy women; she was going crazy. she decided that she liked it in this world better than the real world and wanted to stay and live here.

Sept. 10, 2007

I would like to see Holes.David

I would like to see the movie The Little Mermaid. Shiloh

I would like to see the movie harry potter 1. erick L

I would like to see the Spiderwick movie if it is available yet. Felipe

I think Holes would be a really good idea and maybe the Series of Unfortunate Events movie. Austin

I definitely think The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but that is kind of a 'chick flick' so, I think The Notebook would be a good movie, although I am not too sure of it's rating, almost certain it's PG, but I might be wrong. Hannah
I would like to see holes also. Kelly

I would really like to see Bridge to Theribithia because it is a great movie and I like the actors.Casey

i would like to watch cinderella, mya

I loved Little Mermaid I would like to see it again! Caroline

I would like to see Because of Winn-Dixie, the Little Mermaid, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ann Marie

I would like to see StormBreaker and Bridge to Terabithia.David
Watching Cat in the hat would be my choice all the way because i just love that movie. Zach

i would like to see How To Eat Fried Worms.Johnny

I wanna see the little mermaid 2 , and the bridge to terrabithia, or the Lion king!

I would want to see the chronicles of narnia. Also hoot.